Where Can I Find The Ideal Rental Car?

It goes without saying that you are safer off with an internationally acclaimed car rental company than with a local dealer you’ve never heard of. The downside is that these well-known companies are often a lot more expensive, but that has a reason. If you read the internet on it, you read a lot of negative experiences of people with less well-known companies . When they return home they are often presented with an extra bill, in which they have to pay for so-called damage to the car. For a small scratch (that was not even there when you returned the car), they suddenly charge 300 dollars. We will discuss this later, but I recommend that you choose a well-known and well-appreciated car rental company, pay a little more, but you can leave on holiday with peace of mind.

If you do go for a dirt cheap car rental company (because be honest, two dollars a day for a rental car is very tempting!), Always opt for full insurance . That costs you about 10 dollars extra per day, but then you really don’t have to pay anything yourself.

Renting a car online versus arranging it on the spot

Is it cheaper to book your rental car online in advance or is it cheaper to book your rental car last minute upon your arrival? Usually the former is the best option and you can also be sure that the model you want is available. With many companies you can cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance , so you can always do this if you find a better deal somewhere. In any case, use (reliable) price comparison websites such as Car Del Mar , Easy Terra or Happy Car . Also the renowned Sunny Cars (all inclusive car rental included) is an excellent (and my personal favorite) option.

What insurance do I need when renting a car?

When you finally find the right rental car company, you are again faced with a difficult choice: which insurance should I take out? My personal recommendation is all-inclusive car rental with Sunny Cars , because it includes all-in insurance in the price. You pay a little bit more, but I think that is worth peace of mind .

Of course there are also other reliable car rental companies. In any case, it is essential to determine in advance which insurance you are going to take out . At the counter of the car rental company, people will often try to convince you to take out that extra insurance that you actually do not need.

“Is insurance really necessary for a rental car?” is probably one of the most common questions. In some countries (or states in the US such as California) you are required by law to have car insurance. So check this yourself carefully before you book a car. Of course you can not take out insurance and then you pay the deductible yourself if you have had an accident. If you are not in error, this is usually around 1,250 dollars. Of course you will lose a lot more money if you cause the accident yourself.